Our Services

Fire Extinguisher Service

  • Service and tag annually per NFPA-10
  • Recharge and test as required per state and local codes
  • Six-year maintenance and 5- and 12-year hydrotesting nationally
  • Provision of new extinguishers, cabinets, parts and signs
  • Usage instructions

Emergency & Exit Lighting Service

  • Inspect and test
  • Battery and bulb replacement
  • New fixtures
  • LED fixtures and retrofit kits

Panic & Exit Door Alarm Service

  • Inspect and test
  • Batteries and new fixtures

Restaurant Suppression Service

  • Semi-annual service per NFPA-17, 17A & 96
  • Replacement of fusible links and nozzle caps regularly
  • Reporting and recommendations
  • New system installations and replacement parts

Fire Sprinkler Service

  • Inspection and reporting as required
  • Periodic testing, repairs and parts

Fire Alarm Service

  • Inspection, testing and reporting as required
  • New system installations and replacement parts