why fire service
We have devised a proprietary system that seamlessly eases you into the comfort of knowing that all of your fire and life safety requirements are being handled expertly and efficiently. We create the communication for you to advise each location of the new arrangement and directly engage with each location as to their immediate and long-term needs.

FireServ does not offer a flat-rate service option. Why? Using this type of program on a national level dramatically increases the risk of failure: field work not being done, violations or summonses issued and fire protection issues not properly addressed. With flat-rate pricing, the probability is too high that contractors are not being paid enough, thereby, not prioritizing the work or simply not doing it.

There are also far too many variables involved on a national level i.e. different code requirements as well as different costs for labor, materials and insurance. We compensate our CCA's (Customer Care Agents) in the field by paying fair, prenegotiated rates so they treat FireServ work as a priority and perform at the highest levels in the industry. Our customers have the peace of mind that their fire protection requirements are being handled promptly, properly and can count on a long-term relationship with their service provider.

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