Emergency Exit Doors Alarm Devices & Services
Safety is the name of the game. FireServ Customer Care Agents provide your business Panic and EXIT Door Alarm Service with a visual and manual inspection and test. We provide a top tier fire alarm services for all types of industrial or commercial facilities.

We offer emergency exit door alarm services that are reliable, and make it simple to introduce security measures to stop unapproved entry. The systems ensure that the doors are reachable in an easy manner in case of any emergency.

At FireServ, we know how critical it is to protect your life and the life of your employees and customers! The panic bars offered by us prevent individuals from being trapped in the building if any there is any emergency inside the premises. The panic bars for exit doors are tied to fire alarm systems in a specialized manner so that they are automatically unlocked whenever the alarm is tripped for an easy rescue.

The fire exit door alarm is a critical portion of secured pathways like stairways, corridors, burrows, passageways, under floor paths or even overhead pathways.

Our exit alarm devices are field-tested to coordinate and work, without fail, for the safety and security purposes of your industrial as well as commercial premises.

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