Fire Suppression Systems & Services For Restaurants
When it comes to restaurants, the kitchen is where the real action is. The potential for an emergency is heightened when heat, fire, and grease spills may be present. A functional restaurant fire suppression system is vital to your business. No matter the size of your kitchen, make sure your business is protected. It is essential to have fire suppression systems for restaurants specifically in order to stay compliant with local codes.

FireServ’s well trained Customer Care Agents can perform the Semi-Annual service per NFPA-17, 17A, and 96 codes. Checking to see if there are any obvious physical damages to the fire systems as well as the manual inspection of the system can help to ensure the proper functioning of all components. Fusible links and nozzle caps are replaced regularly. Reporting and recommendations are also provided. FireServ will provide restaurant fire suppression systems service, new system installations, and replacement parts.

In restaurant kitchens, a fire suppression system can counteract calamitous situations different systems will be unable to deal with. A fire suppression system may utilize a few distinct strategies to battle flares and avert harm.

Benefits of Having Restaurant Fire Suppression Systems Nationwide

  • Faster Detection
  • Reliable Protection
  • Automatic Prevention

There are distinctive perils that kitchens are uniquely exposed to when we examine fire safety. A fire suppression system for the specific purpose of keeping a kitchen safe is not only legally required, it is the right thing to have to protect your employees, customers, and the livelihood of your business as a whole.

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